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Research Day

Medical Student Research Day is an annual event held each spring providing an opportunity for students to present posters showcasing their research efforts and compete for awards ranging from $300 – $1000.

The 2016 Medical Student Research Day, combined with the College of Medicine Celebration of Research, was held on February 20, 2016 at the O’Connell Center and was a great success. 

Congratulations to the 2016 award recipients:

  • The Alpha Omega Alpha Award in the amount of $1000:

    Martin Wegman (MD/PhD), “Differences in drug relapse rates between alternative rehabilitation programs in Malaysia” – Mentor, Frederick Altice

  • The Lawrence M. Goodman Trust Award in the amount of $500:

    Hassan Ashraf (Class of 2018), “Decellularized embryonic hearts to investigate congenital heart disease” – Mentor, Hideko Kasahara

  • The Lawrence M. Goodman Trust Award in the amount of $400:

    James Fleming (Class of 2018), “AAV9 gene transfer rescued heart failure of cardiac myosin light chain kinase knockout mice” – Mentor, Hideko Kasahara

  • The Lawrence M. Goodman Trust Award in the amount of $300:

    Cris Min, (Class of 2018), “Significant impact of fibroproliferative microenvironments in orthopaedic combat blast induced heterotopic ossification” – Mentor, Youngmi Ji

    Kelly Costopoulos, (Class of 2018), “Retrospective assessment of coarctation of aorta repair in a tertiary pediatric cardiac center” – Mentor, Mark Bleiweis

Student Information for Research Day:

Abstracts are due no later than January 5, 2015 and should be submitted at the following link:

Summer 2014 MSRP Students – please also submit your abstract to:



UF Poster Template 56 x 34 WHITE

​Poster Boards are 4’tall & 6’wide.  Posters should be ~ 56 x 34.

Poster Printing available on Campus: (there is no requirement on who you choose to print your poster)

1.  Architecture Computer Lab: 352-392-1009Located on 1st floor of the Architecture Bldg, room 118 on Inner Rd.; Open 24/7; Cost is ~$3.00 per foot

2.  Academic Technology Printing Services: Located in the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Building Ground Floor, Rm. 211 (Behind the Hub); Open Sun.-Mon. until Midnight; Cost is ~$3.00 per foot

3.   UF Document Services: 392-1134 or email: Located on the Ground Floor of the MSB Bldg. at the HSC Post Office; Open M-F 8:00-5:00; Cost is ~$50.​

Research Day Winners and Photos

2014 Research Day Photos

(Photos by Charles Poulton)

2014 Award Recipients:

  • AOA Research Award – $1000: Amanda Sacino, Class of 2016

Mentor: Dr. Ku-Lang Chang, Community Health and Family Medicine

Abstract Title: “Patient intake triage versus linear intake at UF Equal Access Clinics”

  • Lawrence M. Goodman Trust Award – $500: Jodi-Anne Wallace, Class of 2016

Mentor: Dr. Robert Cook, Epidemiology

Abstract Title: “Prevalence of depression and association with ER visits among HIV Patients in a developing Florida cohort”

  • Lawrence M. Goodman Trust Award – $400: Peter Cai, Class of 2016

Mentor: Dr. Sylvain Dore, Anesthesiology

Abstract Title: “The Serine Protease Cathepsin G is Detrimental in Low Reperfusion Subset of Ischemic Stroke”

  • Lawrence M. Goodman Trust Award – $300: Samuel Lipten, Class of 2016

Mentor: Dr. Lou Ann Cooper, Office of Program Evaluation

Abstract Title: “Use of 3rd Party Internet Videos by Preclinical Medical Students”

  • Lawrence M. Goodman Trust Award – $300: Jaclyn Smith, Class of 2016

Mentor: Dr. Ashley Lentz, Plastic Surgery

Abstract Title: “’Antibiotic Use in Cleft Lip Repair”

Past Research Day Photos and Winners