Hospital Medicine 2023

Patient-Centered Early Mobility Protocol for Hospitalized patients

Dr. Nila Radhakrishnan


(352) 733-1234

Faculty Department/Division
Hospital Medicine

This project is primarily:

Research Project Description:
Background: There is ample literature that early mobility in the hospital benefits patients, prevents hospital-acquired disability andimproves the ability of the patients to be discharged from the hospital.
Methods: This project is to study an interprofessional quality improvement project involving nurses, physical therapy, supporttechs, physicians. We have an evidenced-based protocol for mobility and appropriate physical therapy consults which will bedriven by nursing at admission. We are implementing this and want to study the impact of the project.
Medical student: attend interprofessional meetings, help to do literature search and slide presentations, help to analyze data andwrite up the project for local and national posters and publications. The students will be asked to spend some time on a nursingunit to learn about mobility and also to observe physical therapy to learn about mobility. They will inform the group about theirobservations.
In this project, students will learn about interprofessional communication and collaboration. They will learn about QI methodology.They will have the opportunity to be on posters, papers and presentations. We need the students to be critical thinkers, participatein readings/videos to learn some material and be consistent to attend meetings (virtually). The ideal candidate for this project willbe patient-centered, team oriented, extremely organized and open to learning new methods and new ways of implementingchange.

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