2018 Celebration of Medical Student Research and Award Winners

The Alpha Omega Alpha Award in the amount of $1000

  • Laura Cline (Class of 2020), “Examining the pathogenicity of variants of uncertain significance in Factor I from transplant candidates: An approach to better understand complement regulators and their role in atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome” – Mentor, John Atkinson from Washington University

The Lawrence M. Goodman Trust Award in the amount of $500

  • Vincent Federico (Class of 2020), “Treatment of infected carotid patch using femoral vein” – Mentor Javairiah Fatima

The Lawrence M. Goodman Trust Award in the amount of $400

  • Emma O’Halloran Leach, (Class of 2021), “Self-reported adherence to antiretroviral therapy in persons living with HIV was a poor predictor of viral suppression” – Mentor Robert Cook

The Lawrence M. Goodman Trust Award in the amount of $300 (three way tie for 4th place, all recipients will receive the $300 prize)

  • Michael Jones, (Class of 2020), “AAV mediated gene therapy improves soleus function in a mouse model of Barth Syndrome” – Mentor Peter Kang
  • Timothy Stoddard, (Class of 2020), “Creativity declines with advancing stage of medical education: Can creativity be taught?” – Mentor Adam Katz
  • Erika Wert, (Class of 2020), “The role of student-run free clinics and LGBTQ health education based on a needs assessment of LGBTQ health disparities in North Central Florida” – Mentor Ryan Nall


  • Mackenzie Abraham, (Class of 2020), “Analysis of outcomes in adolescents and young adults with pilonidal disease” – Mentor Saleem Islam
  • Mahmoud Aryan, (Class of 2020), “Clinical utility of post-chemoradiation therapy restaging with MRI for stage II-III rectal cancer patients” – Mentor Atif Iqbal
  • Sean Patrick Bliven, (Class of 2020), “Baseline hypertension knowledge and blood pressure self-management skills of emergency department patients” – Mentor Donna Carden
  • Nathan Burriss, (Class of 2020), “Outcomes after transanal excision or transabdominal resection for stage I rectal cancer patients” – Mentor Atif Iqbal
  • Wayne Dell, (Class of 2020), “Effect of tympanic membrane microbiome on tympanoplasty success” – Mentor Patrick Antonelli
  • Agatha Formoso (Class of 2020), “Breastfeeding in a baby friendly hospital: Preliminary findings” – Mentor Lisa Spiryda
  • Stacey Kirkpatrick, (Class of 2020), “Emergency department utilization in a family medicine patient population” – Mentor Peter Carek
  • Serena Martin, (Class of 2021), ” Text4Fit: Development of a healthcare text messaging program to improve medication adherence in overweight and obese adolescents recruited from three diverse clinical settings” – Mentor Lindsay Thompson
  • Alex Nusbickel, (Class of 2020), “The effect of concussion on subsequent musculoskeletal risk in high school athletes” – Mentor Daniel Herman
  • Madeleine Turcotte, (Class of 2020), “Personalized therapy design for Early T-Cell Precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ETP-ALL) using computational biology modeling with in vitro validation” -Mentor Christopher Cogle
  • Zohair Zaidi, (Class of 2020), “Biomechanical comparison of three fixation techniques for scapular spine fractures” – Mentor Matthew Patrick