MSRP COVID-19 Response

International MSRP Projects

In anticipation of travel restrictions not being lifted by the University of Florida before the start of the 2020 summer research program, the MSRP office will not be approving any projects with international components.

4/22/2020 Update:

  • The deadline to submit your final project proposal has been extended to May 11th
  • Although at this time no wet lab projects are being approved, this decision is fluid and can change as the university reexamines the situation. If the regulations are relaxed during the summer and non-essential labs are allowed to re-open, students will be allowed to participate in lab-based research. We encourage all students to have a plan B that could be enacted if labs reopen and lab research is appropriate for your project.
  • While no international or non-UF affiliated research locations will be approved for summer research, this does not include UF affiliated off campus locations. Projects based at UF Health Jacksonville, UF Health The Villages Hospital, UF Health Leesburg Hospital, Halifax Health UF Health Medical Center of Deltona, UF Health Ascension Sacred Heart Pensacola, and UF Health Orlando are acceptable. If you are able to locate a mentor and a project at one of these locations, the project will be approved.

The COM administration, the Dean’s office, and the program as well as Research faculty are fully behind the MSRP effort and wish to accommodate as many students as possible. The funding and the credits are to remain intact.

The goals of the program are for the students to understand the research processes and have a project that can drive scholarly productivity.

If you are having issues locating a mentor or project for the MSRP or have any questions related to the MSRP summer program, please email the MSRP office so we can assist you.

Below is a list of COM Faculty that have emailed MSRP office to express interest in hosting a student this summer. This list is by no means the only faculty you can contact to find a mentor, but is provided to help you start the search for a mentor/project.

Newly available MSRP Mentor Information

Mentor Name Mentor’s Department Mentor Email
Alice Rhoton-Vlasak OBGYN
Ali Zarrinpar Surgery
Azra Bihorac Medicine
Ellen Zimmermann Medicine
Ellen Satteson Plastic Surgery
Frances Saccoccio Pediatrics
Gregory Christman Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
Jessica Ching Plastic Surgery
Kyle Rarey Anatomy and Cell Biology
Laura Guyer Center for Gender, Sexualities and Women’s Studies Research
Miguel Chuquilin Neurology
Norman Beatty Infectious Diseases and Global Medicine
Parisa Rashidi Medicine
Saleem Islam Pediatric Surgery
Samir Shah Surgery
Tezcan Baslanti Medicine
Tung Wynn Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
Tyler Loftus Medicine
Walter O’Dell Radiation Oncology

Recently Submitted Faculty Project Descriptions