Faculty Project Description Form

2024 Faculty Description of Research Project

  • Student and faculty expectations:

    • Student contacts the faculty mentors to discuss project background, specific aims, and role of the medical student. • After selecting a R&D project and faculty mentor, the medical student and mentor will submit a brief R&D pre-proposal. • Students submit a final R&D proposal signed by both mentor and student. • Student will submit a final report of the 10-week R&D activity. • Student will present a poster on the R&D activity at Medical Student Celebration of Research Poster Day. • Mentor and students will ensure addition of student to mentor’s IRB or IACUC (even if participating in an external MSRP projects, including international projects) and work with UF mentor to ensure UF’s IRB/IACUC office approves the research too, otherwise research may be invalid.
  • Faculty Information

  • Project Information

  • (brief overview of background, hypothesis, methods, role of medical student, funding and relevant publications)
  • If your international project requires IRB please note you MUST obtain in-country approval and UF IRB approval

    By taking a student you agree to add said student to the UF IRB protocol and to ensure the student meets all criteria for international travel requirements associated with UF faculty and staff such as completing CISI and Travel registration with UFIC, pre-departure training and other travel requirements depending on location.