Project Title:Observer Accuracy and Consistency of “Center-Center” Ankle Radiograph

Faculty Mentor’s Name:Dr. Christopher Reb

Research Project Description:

Surgical repair of the ankle syndesmosis requires achieving correct alignment. A recently proposed method in current clinical use involves aligning the fibula and tibia on a modified lateral view X-ray image. It is unknown, and therefore necessary to investigate ,how accurately and consistently Orthopaedic surgeons can make a visual assessment of this X-ray image.

Working Hypothesis:
Surgeons will detect X-rays with larger magnitudes of rotation out of ideal alignment well. Surgeons will have difficulty with judging X-rays with smaller magnitudes or those that are ideally aligned.

Orthopaedic surgeon observers will be presented a randomized series of lateral ankle X-ray images. They will be tasked with judging the accuracy of the tibia and fibula alignment. Tibia and fibula alignment will be predetermined and fall into one of 5 categories of alignment. Accuracy and Intrarater reliability will be calculated. Subjective cognitive task load will be described by Paas Score and NASA Task Load Index questionnaires. .

Role of medical student:
The medical student will be mentored in research design methodology and administer the study. This will involve preparing the study materials and managing subject participation in accordance with IRB approved protocol and ethical research standards. The student will assist with presenting the study findings in presentation and manuscript form.

No outside funding required.

Relevant publications:
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Entry Date: December 4, 2019