Intercellular communication during adult tissue repair

Faculty Mentor’s Name: Dr. Daniel Kopinke
Phone Number: (352) 294-5355
Project Category: Basic
International Component or Travel: No

Research Project Description:
Our lab studies how stem cells sense and communicate with their surroundings to build, maintain and repair adult tissues including skeletal and cardiac muscle using sophisticated mouse genetics, state of the art cell biological tools and fluorescent microscopy. If you are excited about top-notch biomedical research and are highly self-motivated, we have several ongoing projects in which you would be involved in preparing, analyzing and presenting primary data. You would use techniques such as cryosectioning, immunostaininig, RT-qPCR and confocal microscopy to collect, ImageJ and Graphpad to analyze and Powerpoint to present the data. For more information, visit our website @ and check out our recent publications: ;;