Project Title: Pulmonary Hypertension in Anti-synthetase Syndromes – Clinical Characteristics and Risk Factors

Faculty Mentor’s Name: Dr.Raju Reddy
Phone: (512) 574-0369
Email: raju.reddy@medicine.ufl.edu

Research Project Description:

Overview: Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is defined as an increased mean pulmonary artery pressure > 20 mmHg at rest with normal pulmonary artery occlusion pressures and pulmonary vascular resistance > 3 Woods units. Amongst various etiologies of PAH, the second most common cause of PAH is due to chronic hypoxic lung disorders such as interstitial lung diseases (ILDs). The prevalence of PAH in ILD is approximately 15%. One form of ILD is anti-synthetase syndrome related ILD (ASS-ILD). To date, there is only study that has examined the prevalence of PAH in ASS-ILD. The presence of PAH in this cohort increased mortality substantially (hazard ratio 5.1, 95% confidence interval 1.1–24.9; p=0.042) compared to those without PAH. However, the major limitations to this study are 1) single center data and 2) no external validation. Furthermore, the only other evidence of PAH in ASS-ILD is limited to isolated case reports. Therefore, we would like to examine our center’s cohort of patients with ASS-PAH and assess the prevalence of PAH and identify risk factors associated with the presence of PAH.

Hypothesis: The presence of PAH in ASS increases mortality. This remains to be validated.

Methods: Retrospective chart review. We queried our database and have 2652 (UF GNV) and 490 (UF Jax) encounters of patients with antibody findings to fit the diagnosis of anti-synthetase syndromes. We will perform chart review to determine how many of these patients have PAH using the hemodynamic definition stated above.

Role of medical student: Perform chart reviews

Funding: none

My recent publications:

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Submitted Manuscripts

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Entry Date:  1/21/2020