Radiation Oncology

Project Title: Cytokines, smoking and lung radiation response

Faculty Mentor’s Name: Dr. Walter O’Dell
Phone: (352) 265-7834
Email: ODELWG@shands.ufl.edu

Project Description:

Our lab is interested in discovering and applying novel image analysis and image-based computational techniques for improved detection, follow-up and treatment of cancer. Much of our work is highly translational, with direct application to the treatment of patients within the Department of Radiation Oncology. There are several active areas of research in our lab. I invite you to explore these at: http://odell.radonc.med.ufl.edu/MIACALab/ I find that short-term research projects are most productive when the student finds a project where the student assesses the lab’s tools and currently available data, and meshes them with the student’s prior interest or expertise to forge a new path for analysis. For example, within our clinical study of lung radiation toxicity (https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02725840) we have discovered that smokers have a different lung radiation response profile and different cytokine expression levels. We have baseline and follow-up chest CT images, software that can extract various types of tissue and vessel response, baseline and follow-up cytokine levels, and smoking histories in 40 subjects, but we currently lack a clear understanding of the underlying biology, and seek a path of how to explain and test the interactions between these factors.

Entry Date: April 17, 2020