Project Title:Three-Dimensional Printing for Trainee Simulation Models

Faculty Mentor’s Name:Dr. Travis Meyer

Research Project Description:

The use of three-dimensional (3D) printing in developing realistic simulators for resident and medical student trainees has gained exponential interest within the past decade. Still, there are many gaps in developing high-fidelity models, particularly when developing musculoskeletal joint spaces (e.g. hip, shoulder, or knee). The goal of this two-month project is to learn the basics of three-dimensional printing, including three-dimensional modeling and post-processing, to develop a high-fidelity musculoskeletal model that can be used to practice basic radiology procedures. Medical students will work in our 3D print lab and will develop a model from a fused-deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printer. This simulator will then be used by radiology residents and medical students to evaluate how procedure length and operator comfort improve with repeat exposure to common procedures. Experience gained in these procedures is directly applicable to patient care with the goal of decreased complications and increased patient satisfaction. This is an ideal research project for self-motivated students who are comfortable thinking outside of the box, who are interested in a hands-on project, and who may be interested in either radiology, interventional radiology, or orthopedic surgery. The lab is funded by multiple industry educational grants and publication of the method of creating the model and/or the benefits of using the model to resident education are encouraged. The location for this project is Jacksonville, FL.

Entry Date: November 26, 2019