Pharmacodynamics 2024

Pre-clinical Assessment of Exercise Mimetics for the Treatment of Chemotherapy-induced Cardiotoxicity

Dr. Isabelle Cote


(352) 792-4540

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Chemotherapy has long been known to impair cardiac functions and cause cellular damage to the heart, yet these cardiotoxic effects are still poorly managed. Our lab has developed at least two classes of Nuclear Receptor ligands that substantially mitigated cardiac dysfunctions in various models of heart failure, including pressure overload and myocardial infarction in rodents. Based on mechanistic similarity, we hypothesize that these ligands would mitigate the cardiotoxic effects of chemotherapeutic agents. The primary goal of the proposed research is to generate proof-of-concept data validating the therapeutic potential of these targets in Doxorubicin-induced Heart Failure in mice or cells. Students may participate in any aspect of this research, encompassing literature searches, AI-based database analyses, cell culture, and animal work (e.g., chemotherapy/drug administration and echocardiography).

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