Physiology and Functional Genomics 2022

Human muscle clocks and disease

Faculty Mentor’s Name: Karyn Esser
Phone Number: (352) 273-5728
Project Category: Translational
International Component or Travel: No

Research Project Description:

Circadian clocks regulate a daily program of gene expression in virtually all cells throughout the body. Our lab has shown, with genetic mouse models, that disruption of the circadian clock in skeletal muscle leads to insulin resistance and muscle weakness. We are interested in translating this to humans to address questions about the impact of aging and metabolic disease on the circadian clock mechanism in human cells. This project will define circadian clock properties in vitro using human primary muscle cells obtained from subjects of different ages and health status. The methods include cell culture, use of lentiviral vectors to transduce the human cells, real-time bioluminesence recording and data analysis using circadian software packages. We also propose to electrically stimulate the muscle cell cultures, inducing contraction to address the impact of exercise on human clock function.