Radiology 2022

Radiation lobectomy – optimal Y90 dosimetry (Interventional Radiology)

Faculty Mentor’s Name: Dr. Robert Heithaus
Phone Number: (601) 466-1235
Project Category: Clinical
International Component or Travel: No

Research Project Description:

We will perform a single institution retrospective study on Y90 (brachytherapy radiation) delivered in IR over 10 years. We will evaluate multiple procedural, patient specific, and radiation dosimetry parameters in order to determine optimal radiation dose for radiation lobectomy. Multiple medical students can apply for this project as there can be multiple focuses on safety outcomes, radiation dosimetry, technical aspects of procedures and their influence on patient outcomes, etc. Please contact me directly to discuss. A total of 3 medical students can participate on this project.

The roles of the student(s) would be to write and submit an IRB, build a redcap database for data collection, and data collection. Following statistical analysis of the data the student(s) will write abstracts to submit to national radiology meetings and ultimately write a manuscript for publication of the data. The later half of the commitment can and will likely extend beyond the summer. This project would be great for any student who is interested in radiology, interventional radiology, nuclear radiology or even radiation oncology.