Transversus Abdominus Plane Pain Catheter for Reduction of Post-operative Opioids in Pediatric Surgical Patients

Faculty Mentor’s Name: Dr. Christopher Bayne
Email: cbayne@ufl.edu
Phone Number: (757) 639-7773
Project Category: Clinical
International Component or Travel: No

Research Project Description:
This is a retrospective case-control project examining the use of a transversus abdominus plane pain catheter in the use of post-operative pain control. I routinely place a pain catheter after open flank surgeries in children. My partner historically has not. We aim to determine if patients who received post-operative pain catheter have decreased postoperative opioid administration requirements. Our preliminary data suggests this is the case. This type of pain catheter intervention, to our knowledge, has not been previously published. The role of a medical student would be to expand an existing IRB protocol, collect and analyze data, and write the manuscript with my direct mentorship. Goals for the project are submission an academic conference call followed by manuscript submission to a peer reviewed journal. Our division has funding available for students interested in traveling to present the work.