Radiation Oncology 2019 Projects

Project Title: Radiographic Response of Desmoid Tumors Treated with Radiotherapy

Faculty Mentor’s Name: Michael Rutenberg
Email: mrutenberg@floridaproton.org

Student’s Name: Dahyun Kang
Email: dahyun.kang@ufl.edu

Project Description:

Desmoid Tumor/Aggressive Fibromatosis is a rare, benign mesenchymal tumor that can arise throughout the body. They are locally aggressive and have high rates of local recurrence after surgical resection. Radiotherapy is highly effective for either definitive treatment or post-operative therapy, with disease control rates of ~80%. The radiographic response of these tumors to radiotherapy is not well described. And the significance of the response rate in terms of predicting long-term local control is unknown. The aim of this study is to describe the radiographic response rates and timing of desmoid tumors treated with radiotherapy (either definitively or post-operatively). We will also detail the local control rates based on type of response (stable disease, partial response, complete response). This will provide much needed information for this rare tumor that can help guide clinicians in managing treatment options and patient and physician expectations following radiotherapy.

Specific Aims:

1) Describe the radiographic response of desmoid tumors treated with radiotherapy (by RECIST criteria)

2) Describe the radiographic rate of response of desmoid tumors treated with radiotherapy

3) Describe the relationship (if any) between degree of response and long term tumor control

4) Identify predictors