Community Health and Family Medicine 2024

Analysis of Career Paths and Outcomes of STFM Student Scholars

Dr. Daniel Rubin


(352) 359-4297

Faculty Department/Division
Community Health & Family Medicine

This project is primarily:

Research Project Description:
The Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) has been instrumental in fostering the development of future leaders in Family Medicine through its Student Scholar Program. STFM has invested significant resources in the Student Scholars Program and a comprehensive study is warranted to evaluate the career paths, choices, and outcomes of the students.


  1. Career Path Analysis: Investigate the proportion of STFM Student Scholars who pursue careers in family practice, academic medicine, and private practice over a defined period.
  2. Publication Analysis: Examine the publication rates of STFM Student Scholars since their participation in the program.
  3. Conference Attendance Analysis: Determine whether STFM Student Scholars who participated in the program continue to attend STFM conferences.


  1. Data Collection: Obtain a list of STFM Student Scholars from 5 through 8 years ago, along with relevant demographic information and program year.
  2. Survey: Scholars will be contacted and asked if they are willing to participate in an online survey to collect data such as current career status (family practice vs other specialty), academic medicine vs private practice, number and types of publications, and STFM conference attendance while a resident and separately since graduating residency. Lastly, ask perceived overall impact of the STFM scholars’ program on their career.
  3. Data Analysis: Utilize statistical methods to analyze survey responses to identify trends and qualitative insights.

Significance: The findings from this research can help inform the STFM Student Scholar program’s continued development and refinement. The insights gained will enable the STFM to better understand the program’s long-term impact on participants’ career trajectories, scholarly activities, and engagement with the organization. Additionally, the results can guide strategies for enhancing the program’s effectiveness and supporting the professional growth of future family medicine leaders.

Ethical Considerations: This study will adhere to ethical guidelines regarding participant consent, data protection, and confidentiality. Participation in the survey will be voluntary, and steps will be taken to ensure the anonymity of respondents. Conclusion: The proposed research will provide valuable insights into the career paths, publication rates, and conference attendance patterns of STFM Student Scholars. By systematically examining these dimensions, the study aims to contribute to the understanding of the program’s impact on participants and the broader field of Family Medicine.

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