Discovery Pathways Tracks

To complete a Track in the Discovery Pathways Program students must perform at least 10 weeks of research, supervised by a faculty mentor, during medical school.


This may include the following:


Discovery Pathways Track Info Session

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Discovery Pathways Tracks Award of Distinction Application

  • Ten weeks of research performed in the summer between year 1 & 2 of medical school through the Medical Student Research Program. Summer Research Fellowship Scholarships are available to support the student during this time period.
  • Workshops; courses; meetings; “field experience”.
  • Research during the 4th year can be done by registering for Independent Study electives.

Track Descriptions

BLANKA SHARMA, Nikolas Gravenstein and Ali zarrinpar

Business and Innovation in Medicine

The Business and Innovation in Medicine track is vital to providing UF students with the insights and tools to recognize and pursue improvement opportunities and medical inventions.

saleem islam, matt gurka and robin petroze

Clinical and Outcomes Based Research for Students

Clinical research is one of the cornerstones for understanding how to best treat patients and what works better in certain situations. It is somewhat ideally suited for a project that can be completely done in the summer and can result in a national presentation and a publication as well.

ELIZABETH DEVOS and laura guyer

Local, Global Health Equity Track – LGHET

Students will gain an understanding of the environmental, social, cultural, political, economic and health system determinants of the health of individuals and population groups both in the US and abroad.

janice taylor and colleen kalynych

Medical Education Track

Designed to expose students interested in education and academic medicine to the scholarship of teaching and learning in a medical/clinical environment.

LINDSEY THOMPSON and Meredith Mowitz

Maternal and Child Health Outcomes

This pathway is designed to help students answer the following crucial questions:What works? For which patients or populations? Under what circumstances?


Medical Ethics and Law Track

The Discovery Pathway in Medical Ethics and Law is a formal track in the University of Florida College of Medicine curriculum designed to provide students with a more in-depth look at legal and ethical issues in patient care and/or research.


Medical Humanities Track

Students who complete the Medical Humanities Pathway will understand the breadth of medical humanities and how the humanities are used in medical practice, medical education, healthcare, and in the larger societies.

Marika Alois

Mind-Body Medicine

An experiential course to learn the science and practice of several mind-body practices such as meditation, guided imagery, autogenic training, breath work, art, music, and movement.

Heather Harrell and grant harrell

Patient Advocacy Track

The Patient Advocacy Track allows a deeper dive into the experience of patients as they navigate the structures of the healthcare system and attempt to carry out the demands of this system in their daily lives.


Patient Safety and Quality Track

The Patient Safety and Quality Track is intended to prepare students to participate in one of the key trans-formative movements in American healthcare.

Discovery Tracks Award of Distinction Application

If you have participated in a Discovery track during your time at UF and qualify for the award, please complete the online application by 3/21/2021.