Discovery Pathways Tracks

To complete a Track in the Discovery Pathways Program students must perform at least 10 weeks of research, supervised by a faculty mentor, during medical school.


  • Ten weeks of research performed in the summer between year 1 & 2 of medical school through the Medical Student Research Program. Summer Research Fellowship Scholarships are available to support the student during this time period.
  • Workshops; courses; meetings; “field experience”.
  • Research during the 4th year can be done by registering for Independent Study electives.

Track Descriptions

Francois Modave, Chris Giordano, Meghan Brennan and Ben Shickel

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

In the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine track, the students will gain an understanding of the main domains that are relevant to Artificial Intelligence in medicine, including elements of biomedical informatics, focused on data structures, standards, information, and knowledge, foundations of AI, introduction to computing tools to support AI in medicine, model development, testing, validation, and interpretation of the results.


Medical Humanities Track

Students who complete the Medical Humanities Pathway will understand the breadth of medical humanities and how the humanities are used in medical practice, medical education, healthcare, and in the larger societies.

Marika Alois and Lisa J Merlo

Mind-Body Medicine

An experiential course to learn the science and practice of several mind-body practices such as meditation, guided imagery, autogenic training, breath work, art, music, and movement.

Discovery Tracks Award of Distinction Application

If you have participated in a Discovery track during your time at UF and qualify for the award, please complete the online application by 3/21/2021.