Research and Discovery Pathways Programs

About the Discovery Pathways program

The Discovery Pathways Program is an optional program for medical students to build a portfolio of accomplishment and scholarship in a defined area acceptable to pathway leadership.

The overall goals of Discovery Pathways are:

  • Expose medical students to research and begin their training as Clinician Scientists
  • Allow students to perform an extended research project within their 4 year medical school curriculum, and graduate with their classmates.
  • Students may apply for Graduation with Honors in Research and the Craig Tisher MD Faculty in Research Prize in their fourth year of medical school.
  • Be flexible enough so that students may choose to extend their research experience beyond the primary track and pursue the MD/Ph.D. program.


Medical Student Research Program

First year UFCOM medical students are invited to apply for a scholarship that will support them during a 10-week individual research experience during the summer.

Robert Huigens, Ph.D.,

DISCOVERY PAthways Program

Pathways Tracks

You are multi-faceted and so is medicine; see how you can delve deeper in your interests.


Honors in Research

Medical students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in research may be selected for the distinction of Graduation with Honors in Research. One of the Honorees will be selected for the Craig Tisher, M.D., Faculty Prize in Research.

2019 Research Awards

Poster Session

Research Day

Medical Student Research Day is an annual event held each spring providing an opportunity for students to present posters showcasing their research efforts and compete for awards ranging from $100 – $1000.

Research Day