Research Distinctions

Medical students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in research may be selected for the distinction of Graduation with Honors in Research. One of the Honorees will be selected for the Craig Tisher, M.D., Faculty Prize in Research.

Nomination Process:

The nomination packet consists of three components:

1. A letter of nomination from the faculty mentor that details the student’s role in the research/discovery project.  The medical student is responsible for directly contacting the faculty mentor for the nomination letter – the MSRP office does not contact the faculty mentor on behalf of the medical student.

2.  A scholarly capstone product that is appropriate for the focus of the research/discovery project.  This may be in the form of a scholarly report, a published paper, or a manuscript that is ready for submission to a scientific/medical journal. The student should ideally be first or co-first author on the article. If not, documentation that the student had a major role in the research must be provided.

3.  A summary (1 to 2 pages) written by the medical student that describes his/her role in the research/discovery project and his/her contribution to the capstone work product. The summary must indicate if the student participated in the 10-week summer research program, list any research elective courses taken at UF, and also summarize any other R&D activities in which the student has been involved during medical school.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Medical students who performed research during the time they are enrolled in the U.F. College of Medicine can be nominated.
  • The research may have been performed at U.F. or at another institution.
  • Note that MD/PhD students are eligible to graduate with Honors in Research, but are only eligible for the Craig Tisher, M.D., Faculty Prize if the capstone work product submitted is unrelated to their dissertation work.

Selection of Honorees:

The Medical Student Research Program Committee will review the nomination packets and will make recommendations to the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education and the COM Executive Committee.