MSRP Student proposal form

2020 Student Project Proposal form

Please use this form to describe your proposed research project for the summer between your first and second year. **If interested in a project with an International component please contact Dr. Elizabeth DeVos ( or Meghan Froman (**
  • Prerequisite

    Successful completion of first year - application due by *April 10, 2019

    Contact the faculty mentors to discuss project background, specific aims, and role of the medical student. • After selecting an R&D project and faculty mentor, the medical student and mentor will submit a brief R&D pre-proposal. • Submit a final R&D proposal. • Submit a final report of the 10-week R&D activity. • Present a poster on the R&D activity at Medical Student Celebration of Research Poster Day. • Ensure addition to mentor’s IRB or IACUC (even if participating in an external MSRP projects, including international projects) and work with UF mentor to ensure UF’s IRB/IACUC office approves the research too, otherwise research may be invalid. ALL REQUIRED TRAINING'S MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE RESEARCH COMMENCES
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If you project contains an international component please see additional requirements