Health Humanities

Navigating Vaccine Hesitancy With Patients

Faculty Mentor’s Name: Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig
Phone Number: (352) 273-8406
Project Category: Literature Review
International Component or Travel: No

Research Project Description:
The Health Science Center Library is developing a project and grant proposal with the goal of assessing reasons for vaccine hesitancy (focusing on COVID-19 vaccines but not limited exclusively to these vaccines), and then addressing these reasons, and would like to include medical students in the research and interviewing. The project itself will have several phases, including interviewing healthcare providers, chaplains, public health workers- people whose work includes difficult conversations, collecting information on curricula, and other programs educating care workers on working with vaccine hesitancy, creating a research database to serve in creating an algorithm for these conversations, and developing trainings.

An MSRP for summer of 2021 would involve work through an existing, group IRB and research on the First Project Phase. Opportunities would exist for continuing work on the project as it progresses through different phases.