Mind-Body Medicine Track

Previously PRIMe

Course Faculty

Marika R Alois
Department: Department of Internal Medicine

Marika R Alois M.D.

Assistant Professor
Maureen A Novak

Maureen A Novak M.D.

Melanie G Hagen
Department: Department of Internal Medicine

Melanie G Hagen M.D., F.A.C.P.

Professor, Medical Director
Rebecca J Beyth
Department: Department of Epidemiology

Rebecca J Beyth M.D., M.Sc

Professor, Associate Residency Program Director
Anamaria Yeung

Anamaria Yeung M.D.

Associate Professor
Lisa J Merlo

Lisa J Merlo Ph.D., M.P.E.

Associate Professor

Student Limit of 10

Introduction to Mind-Body Medicine

  • PRIMe begins with an experiential series to allow students to learn the science and practice of several mind-body practices such as meditation, guided imagery, autogenic training, breathwork, art, music, and movement.  
  • This is a longitudinal experience aimed at introducing students to mind-body practices to enhance self-awareness and self-care. We anticipate that by providing students with these skills and giving them an opportunity for continuing practice, they become more resilient and caring  physicians.
  • The elective is offered to a maximum of 30 students, who will meet for 2 hours weekly for 11 weeks with two faculty facilitators who completed training provided by Georgetown University faculty, where this curriculum developed. The students receive instruction on the practices, discuss their experiences within the group, and practice individually.  Recommended readings will be provided.  
  • Students may continue the next year with another 11-week course aimed at expanding the knowledge base and deepening the practices. A 2 credit elective will be earned at completion of 1st year of the 11 week course.
  • Students are eligible to receive an Award of Distinction for the completion of a project and the 11 week course.  These projects can be in the form of a compilation of essays, or oral or poster presentations given at a relevant conference or to an audience at UF COM.

Watch students express their views on discovering their center:

PRIMe at UF College of Medicine: Student Perspective