2019 Celebration of Medical Student Research and Award Winners

The Alpha Omega Alpha Award in the amount of $1000

  • Emily Pregmon, Class of 2021, “In utero exposure to caffeine reduces DNA methylation levels in human mesenchymal stem cells” – Mentor Christopher Wendler

The Lawrence M. Goodman Trust Award in the amount of $500

  • Ryan Lewis, Class of 2021, “Knee ultrasonography to determine risk for non-contact injuries in collegiate American football players” – Mentor James Cook, University of Missouri Health, College of Medicine

The Lawrence M. Goodman Trust Award in the amount of $400

  • Dana Eyerly, Class of 2021, “Brains and sprains: The relationship between neurocognitive performance and musculoskeletal injury risk in high school athletes” – Mentor Daniel Herman

The Lawrence M. Goodman Trust Award in the amount of $300

  • I-Chia “Daniel” Liu, Class of 2021, “Extracellular matrix stiffness mediates vascular smooth muscle cells calcification” – Mentor Rajesh Mohandas


  • Travis Bryant, Class of 2021, “Qualitative evaluation of pediatricians’ views on continuous board certification: Understanding the ABP diplomate’s perspectives and experiences for programmatic enhancement” – Mentor Lindsay Thompson
  • Miles Cameron, Class of 2021, “A muscular index predicts treatment response and failure to initial treatment in stage IV pancreatic adenocarcinoma” – Mentor Jose Trevino
  • Jayden Curry, Class of 2021, “Radiotherapy for solitary plasmacytoma” – Mentors Lillie Emmelhainz O’ Steen and William Mendenhall
  • Navid Farahbakhsh, Class of 2021, “Skin cancer awareness in solid organ transplant recipients: Patient survey study” – Mentor Andre Spiguel
  • Robert King, Class of 2021, “Does the HEART score apply to patients with nontraditional risk factors?” – Mentor Michael Marchick
  • Matthew Kruchten, Class of 2021, “Surgical revascularization in children with sickle cell disease and Moyamoya syndrome” – Mentor Philipp Aldana
  • Jennifer Loso, Class of 2021, “Prospective surveillance study of antimicrobial utilization in hospitalized children” – Mentor Matthew Washam
  • Patricia Sacks, Class of 2021, “The effect of temozolomide on T cell function in GBM and implications for immunotherapeutic strategies” – Mentor Maryam Rahman
  • Gabriella Tom, Class of 2021, “Hyperacusis in patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain” – Mentor Roland Staud